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Fiesta 2022

Fiesta 2022

Congratulations to all the participants of the #imagedance in their 2022 participation of #fiesta2022. Weeks of preparation and planning over in a mere 48 hours. #battleofflowers parade took place on Friday, April 8 and we took 3rd place in the small business category. The #flambeau parade was on Saturday, April 9 and we were notified that we won 2nd!!

There is so much that goes into this “production” for the city to enjoy in this route—all the hard work from ideas and brainstorming to costuming, choreography and, of course, the actual building and beautifying of the float.

I would like to thank the countless hours contributed by my father, Jesse J Angulo. If people only knew the sacrifices made during this time period to make it all happen. It couldn’t happen without you.

Thanking my husband, Ruben Pacheco for his commitment to putting aside his vacation and committing to this daunting task. Much love!! It could only be love that you do this task.

Thanks to my brother, John, for joining us this year and driving the float. It’s addicting being part of this parade. Haha Thank you to all of the parents who contributed so much and cooperated so selflessly on behalf of their children or loved ones. You were truly a team that I appreciated working with.

I loved showcasing the students of Image Dance in this presentation and love for our city’s most valued event. They made me proud. They made all of us proud! Students—Thank you for entertaining and showcasing your talent from your heart. Not only did the students commit to learning the choreography and performing for the city but they made time to perform for a Market Square to a receptive audience.

‘Til next year— much love and many tight hugs!!