Academy RatesBase rate per monthSame
Student per month
Other Family Member
4 one-hour classes$50.00 Add $30/mo.
per family member
8 one-hour classes $75.00 
12 one-hour classes $100.00 
16 one-hour classes $125.00 

$25.00 for each set of classes after per family (immediate family members only).   These are prices that pertain to hours for the family or multiple class rates for an individual.     

Acro-Dance (scheduled for Mondays 6:30 pm Semester II in 2022) is $50 basic rate regardless if multiple classes or not.

For example:    One child taking 2 classes (2 hrs/wk or 8 hrs/month) — $75.00
                          Two children taking 1 class each, (2 hrs/wk or 8 hours per month) —  $80.00

Seasonal & Private Lessons

Six-lesson Tuition
Six class intro ballroom$65.00/person$125/couple
Six class social dance course: Tejano, cumbia, bachata, merengue, salsa$55.00/person$100/couple

This is the special session 6-course class that spans 3-weeks.
Different offerings are made throughout the year.
Can arrange to teach 2X/week for 3 weeks or 1X/week for 6 weeks for organized groups of 8+

Private lessons available at $30.00/half hour  and $50.00/hour
Lessons scheduled daytime, evenings & weekends.

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