Rates for registrants after September 15, 2023

Academy RatesBase rate per monthSame
Student per month
Other Family Member
4 one-hour classes$55.00 Add $35/mo.
per family member
8 one-hour classes $85.00 
12 one-hour classes $110.00 
16 one-hour classes $135.00 
Musical Theater or BalletBase rate per monthSame
Student per month
4 one-hour classes$65.00 If Ballet or Musical Theater
8 one-hour classes $90.00 are added as a 2nd class,
12 one-hour classes $120.00 it is charged at $40
16 one-hour classes $145.00 

$25.00 for each set of classes after per family (immediate family members only).   These are prices that pertain to hours for the family or multiple class rates for an individual.     

For example:    One child taking 2 classes (2 hrs/wk or 8 hrs/month) — $85.00
                          Two children taking 1 class each, (2 hrs/wk or 8 hours per month) —  $90.00

Seasonal & Private Lessons

Six-lesson/Six hours Tuition
Six class intro ballroom group lesson$65.00/person$125/couple
Six class social dance course: Tejano, cumbia, bachata, merengue, salsa$55.00/person$100/couple

This is the special session 6-course class that spans 3-weeks.
Different offerings are made throughout the year.
Can arrange to teach 2X/week for 3 weeks or 1X/week for 6 weeks for organized groups of 8+

Private lessons with special choreography available at $35.00/half hour  and $65.00/hour

Social dance lessons $25/half hour and $50/hour
Lessons scheduled daytime, evenings & weekends.