Ballet Is Back at IDCA!!
Make Way for Musical Theater

A Dance Studio & A Dance Family

Ballet Folklorico

Regional & traditional dance emphasizing the culture of Mexico throughout time.

Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical & Ballet

Expressive dance styles to range from modern, jazz, lyrical

Spanish Dance & Flamenco

Classical & Regional Dances of Spain to include Flamenco, the Andalusian Gypsy style of Flamenco

Ballroom, Social Dance & Dance Exercise

Ballroom dancing & Social Dance is a partnership dance for couples, using step-patterns, rhythmic movement & emotion.

Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen &
Wedding First Dance Instruction


“Dancers are the athletes of God.”

-- Albert Einstein

Keeping our dancers in mind all the time, we not only want them to learn their full potential in dance through learning and training but put that training to use on the stage.

Stage appearances include recitals, community and city-wide performances and even parades.

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